Cloud Services Value Chain Expert



Leveraging our knowledge’s and expertises in the cloud computing market, B2cloud offers consultancy, audit and assessment services to organizations.

Our R&D has designed a B2B, patent granted recommendation engine-RecSys- along with a Global Cloud Trust Index -GCTI- to provide organizations with smart and confident decision making


Cloud 360 is an audit service for Cloud vendors and CSPs that evaluate their solutions against our Global Cloud Trust Index and with more than 100 criterias of measurements, including risk management, data governance, production resiliency, SLA transparency, legal compliancy


The result of 7 years of R&D in recommendation processes, our patended B2B RecSys- focuses on the robustness and the reliability of the ranking in order to make recommendations exempt of uncomplete or biased data and to provide your business with smart decision making. 


You can directly book online Cloud consulting and expertises services. We are providing you with the best experts to make your cloud journey a success and turn this opportunity to a growth driver for your business.

GCTI  is a trust cloud platform that integrates more than 100 values of measurement to help businesses gaining real insights and transparency of the cloud computing and the IoT value chains


Our solutions at a glance


on demand

Our experts can assist you to improve your decision making when investing in infrastructures or choosing Cloud solutions


as a Service

You can benefit from immediate online advices for Risk and Opportunities regarding current and incoming markets and technologies


on licensing mode

Our recommendation processes are innovative, patent protected and driven by automatic Learning, to  improve your decision making 

Why Choose Us ?


Benefit from  a combined human knowledge and an automatic learning approach .


Rely on our dedicated and proven  Trusted  Matrices.


Take advantages of  supervised sourcing and scoring dedicated to continuous ranking improvment