Cloud Services Value Chain Expert


You are editing, selling, providing or using cloud solution? 

Cloud 360 is an audit service for Cloud vendors and CSPs that evaluate their solutions against our Global Cloud Trust Index and with more than 60 criteria of measurements, including risk management, data governance, production resiliency, SLA transparency, legal compliancy

Making the choice and the switch of technologies and services requires careful comparison of capabilities, performance, availability,  pricing, security and legal compliancy.

Our recommendation engine can processes numerous and heterogeneous sources (social networks, users feedback, KPIs, knowledge bases) to calculate differents ranking and to always provide you with pertinent results using machine learning capabilities.

The transition to “Cloud Computing & digital models”can be very complex both from economical and technological perspectives. It can involve sustained investments and lower incomes.

You can book on line consulting and expertises services to make these changes a success and turn this opportunity to a growth driver for your business.


In this newly reshaped Industry that is now integrating IoT, AI and multi cloud challenges, there is a huge need  to provide with more choice and competition of better scoped services.  Our Global Cloud Trust Index, is a multidimensional matrix that integrates more than 60 tables of measurements, to help European businesses gaining real insights and transparency of the cloud computing and the IoT value chains,


Our experts can assist you to improve your decision making when investing in infrastructures or choosing Cloud solutions

You can benefit from immediate online advices for Risk and Opportunities regarding current and incoming markets and technologies

Our R&D dept designs recommendation process driven by supervised Machine Learning approach, to  improve your decision making 

Benefit from  a combined human knowledge and machine learning approach .

 Matrix, indicators, sourcing and scoring at 360°.

Supervised learning dedicated to continuous improvment