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Cloud Services Value Chain Expert


Augmented Expertise with Automatic Learning & Trust Matrices 

B2CLOUD Dynamic RecSys
B2CLOUD company


A leading edge compagny, B2CLOUD provides organizations with expertises supported by patented and advanced recommender engine |Dynamic RecSys®, and trusted matrix to enhance and secure their decision making within the cloud supply chain

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Commodity trading of cloud services is the next decisive step to foster the market at global scale. To make the cloud a commodity, our company works on specific benchmark measurements (including pricing, QoS, SLA) which could benefit both providers, users, and the whole cloud value chain.

These measurement matrices are the foundation our our Global Cloud Trust Index

B2CLOUD innovation


Making the choice and the switch of cloud services requires careful comparison of capabilities, performance, availability,  pricing, security and legal compliancy.

Our patented recommendation engine can processes numerous and heterogeneous sources (networks, users feedback, external bases, knowledge bases) to calculate differents ranking and always provide pertinent results to the users thanks to automatic learning capabilities.

Our R&D

Trust matrices

Dynamic RecSys by B2CLOUD

RecSys & ML


Global Cloud Trust Index ™

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