Cloud Services Value Chain Expert

B2cloud is privately owned by its two founding associates.The company headquarter has recently moved to Paris, to strenghten its european commitment toward a trusted cloud ecosystem.. B2cloud works with talented partners and organizations, such as Eurocloud and IP Europe which face with Cloud and innovation challenges 

Commodity trading of cloud services will be the next decisive step to foster the market uptake. To make the cloud a commodity market, our company works on transparent benchmark measurements (including pricing, QoS, contractual commitments…) which could benefit both providers, users and to the overall cloud ecosystem. It will also prepare a future benchmark cloud computing index.


Making the choice and the switch of cloud services requires careful comparison of capabilities, performance, availability,  pricing, security and legal compliancy.

Our patented recommendation engine can processes numerous and heterogeneous sources (social networks, users feedback, KPIs, knowledge bases) to calculate differents ranking and always provide pertinent results to the users thanks to machine learning capabilities.