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Wallix aims to simplify and secure user access to business applications with Trustelem

Dernière mise à jour : 28 févr. 2023

  • WALLIX Trustelem is a European offer for identity-as-a-service access management (IdaaS) which has been simplified and adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, subsidiaries of large groups, and public institutions. • WALLIX Trustelem secures remote access to corporate applications and reduces the risk of attacks associated with remote work (identity and password theft). • To pilot the company's commercial strategy and position it on the IdaaS market, WALLIX has appointed Kristine Kirchner as Vice President of Commercial Development for Identity.

WALLIX, European developer of cybersecurity software and expert in privileged access management (PAM), launches its services platform WALLIX Trustelem to unify, simplify and control access of employees to corporate applications. Management of digital identities is crucial for a trustworthy digital world and to make companies more agile in the digital transformation.

This is especially true in the context of a health crisis or travel disruption, when large numbers of employees or service providers need to ensure the continuity of their professional activity through remote work. Systems become severely strained but need to guarantee resilience while protecting sensitive data. It is in this very context that WALLIX is positioning its WALLIX Trustelem offer with a full SaaS approach, and the ambition to supply small and medium-sized enterprises with a simple solution to make the organization of work more flexible and agile.

WALLIX will leverage its network of resellers and integrators to distribute this IdaaS solution to small and medium-sized organizations throughout all regions. To assure the promotion and distribution of the offer, the software developer has appointed Kristine Kirchner to the position of Vice President of Commercial Development for Identity. Wallix Trustelem: trusted identity management in saas mode sets out to conquer the french market

WALLIX Trustelem allows employees of an organization to authenticate via a corporate access portal, and unifies access to different applications with a single, centralized web portal. In addition to user comfort, the solution also allows you to block attacks thereby reinforcing the security of identities and access, while offering efficient administration tools that simplify everyday IT tasks.

Users easily connect via a personalized dashboard; they can reset their passwords without the need for support from the IT team and have a guarantee of secure authentication tailored according to the location, use, and the type of applications to which they wish to connect (Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication). The platform is hosted and operated by a highly trusted European Cloud provider to guarantee the sovereignty and security of client data. WALLIX will offer its IdaaS service first and foremost to SMEs and public institutions, which need to rapidly reduce their attack surface in a situation of increasing identity theft, while supporting remote work.

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