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B2Cloud joins European Tech companies and research institutes to launch IP Europe

Tech companies and organizations* that recognize the value of intellectual property launched IP Europe

The launch of IP Europe was held in Brussels, on January 26th at the conference “Investing in R&D, securing returns and creating high-value jobs, what are the challenges and the industrial strategies for European technology innovators to continue competing” with the participation of the Ambassador of France to the European Union, Pierre Sellal, the Ambassador of Sweden, Mr H.E.M Anders Ahnlid, the EU Vice President Jyrki Katainen and with Members of the EU Parliament and European Commission.

IP Europe, a non profit entity founded by Ericsson, Airbus and France Brevet, is committed to promote fair compensation of innovation, an efficient patent rights’ protection and consumers’ interest.

IP Europe called on the EU institutions to adopt industrial strategies that promote investments in R&D and innovation and that maintain a high level of safeguard for the companies’ intellectual property so they can continue to innovate and invest human capital and financial resources in R&D.

These innovative companies are the ones creating jobs and driving growth. Ensuring a virtuous circle of attracting, keeping and fairly remunerating innovators is likeliest to encourage market growth.

IP Europe voiced serious concerns on the effects that the IEEE rules are posing on the entire patents ecosystem. The new rules will wipe out incentives to invest in technology standards and will create an arbitrary system competitive advantage for companies implementing such standards in their products, to the detriment of companies that develops such innovative products.

*Airbus Group, Alstom, Ericsson, France Brevets, Orange, The Fraunhofer Institute, and innovatives SMEs (B2Cloud, Cell&Sat, Delta Dore, Fractus, Green Tropism, Inside Secure, Intuilab, Lucibel, Mobilead, Naturex, Secure IC, Sigfox, Thomson Video Networks).


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